Monday, April 6, 2009

Little Pink Flowers

Little Pink Flowers
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For some reason, I have always loved taking pictures of flowers. I know I'm not alone - there are lots of such pictures to be found on Flickr. But the common nature of such images hasn't reduced my fascination one bit.

I tried for days to get this image. I know, it seems fairly simple, but the flowers are under the roof on my back porch, in shade, and I had a really hard time getting an exposure that I liked. I either had too little depth of field or too much, too little contrast or none at all, or subdued colors - for some reason, I couldn't capture the intensity of the colors.

Then I got my 100mm Macro (an old Pentax-M lens originally destined, I believe, for a dentist's office) and things came together. I finally got the right balance of contrast and color, and got the right bits in focus (I think). At least this captures fairly closely my internal representation of these little pink flowers.

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