Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Crazy Times

Been too busy to take many pictures lately. Got a new camper - Airstream Argosy (the painted ones). Finally wedged it into our driveway:

The shell has a couple of dents, but seems very watertight - gullywashers last night, and no water to be found inside, despite the dent in the back top.

I hope to get the chance to take some pictures soon. I've been mostly concentrating on nature type stuff, but I'm considering branching out.


  1. Ha! I thought this was a quaint photo subject. I hand no idea you planned to actually use it! It looks older than you!

  2. LOL. I *wish* it was older than me. Dude, they still make Airstreams, I just can't afford 'em. This 'old' 1978 Argosy is still a better travel trailer than 90% of the new ones you can buy. It's built like an airplane - metal spars with thin metal skin riveted to to the outer curve, interior riveted to the inner curve. Makes for an extremely light (this 27' trailer is lighter than our "ultralight" 19.8' "cardboard box" trailer!), aerodynamic, and easy-to-tow package.

    But Airstreams ( Argosy was an Airstream project, and bears the Airstream badge ) are one of "those" things. You either 'get it' or you don't. :D